[This is my year] 


“RAMINA” steming from the House Brand name Ramina Creatives is a Tsonga term which means “Mine” and the Hindu meaning of the same name means the ability to finish whatever you start , and that’s we are all about. 

With the new range of merchandise “Lembe Ramina - This is my year” , we want to give the friends of Ramina a plartform and good quality gear representing how we are not going to let the situation we are currently in  (The global pandemic) define how our year turns out , how our past has been as individuals , we should continue to give it our all and own every single year we go through and make it to.


In simple terms this is a timeless movement , we are not owning only this year but every year , enter that year with positivity and be firm with your goal setting and say to yourself , “This is my year , Leri I Lembe RAMINA” and watch doors open from that simple manifestation. We cannot wait to see everyone rocking our merchandise as we push the movement of success and positive mindsets


Own your year.