Tess Chauke

Founder of Ramina Creatives 

Tess was born in Malamulele and raised in a small town called Giyani in Limpopo where she attended both Primary and high school. After Matric , she went on to further her studies at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town where she graduated with a Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Construction Management. While pursuing her Diploma, she took on a few part time jobs at Vodacom doing campus promotions and StatsPro as a rugby filmer to make extra pocket money. furthermore during her studies , she identified an opportunity of typing assignments for part time students who were full time employees and that's where she learnt some of her customer relationship skills and that was the beginning of her entrepreneurship journey.

After graduating, she moved to Gauteng where the idea for Ramina Creatives was born after spotting a gap in the lifestyle and service space for elevated and effortless gifting with a sentimental touch to them. She fell in love with the power of branding and the importance of humanity at every aspect of business and decided to start a brand that doesn't only offer gifting needs but also offers the best simplified planning and organizing services for travel , spar and events. She is the driving force behind Ramina Creatives' aesthetic vision, ensuring that all customers’ needs are well-presented.


Tess got her strong qualities from both her parents such as creativity which she got from her mother and her  passion for people which she takes after her father who has a heart and a passion for people together with great public speaking skills and this is one of her strongest traits when it comes to maintaining good customer service. 

Her knowledge and understanding of human behavior has sparked up her marketing skills over the years and has been a great driving force in building a brand such as Ramina Creatives 


Tess uses her public speaking skills to facilitate and coordinate events as an MC and Speaker.

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16 July 2019