Customized Gifting

Our personalized gifts are made with love at your own budget leave a long lasting impression because we blieve that the most important thing about presenting a gift is the sentimental value behind it





Baby showers

Many more 


Customized Packaging

Our Customized Packaging is aesthetically pleasing and durable for long term use. 

We are more tha pleased to help you packageyour items in our personalized packaging 


We offer these packaging services 

Goodie bags for corprate events 

Thank you packages for all events 

Travel Arrangements

Ramina is here to take you to the places you have always dreamt ,helping you with the following arrangements for your trip :

Flight Booking 

ID and Passport Registration 

Car Rental 

Shuttle rental 

Bus bookings

Event Coordination

With our strategic and creative expertise, we are committed to solving the most complex challenges in the world of events. 

Birthday Dinners 

Farewell Parties

Baby Showers

Surprises (From Parties - Marriage Proposals)

Tea Parties 

Picnics (For Groups & Couples)

Spa Arrangements 

 Looking for the best spa treatment deals and doing all the necessary booking should be the least of your worries.


Looking for the best Accomodation deals accross South Africa 

We are bringing them to you soon....