Welcome to the Queens Castle 

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When I was planning my lobola in 2019 , I had an idea of the look I wanted to go for and it had a crown in it , but I didn't know where to get it. 

I had not seen it being sold anywhere, so I decided to ask the creative brand Ramina to pull it off for me and as always , they did just that.

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I sent them a picture of the crown idea and they exceeded my expectations.

The crown fit properly with my hair and complemented my outfit so well , I looked and felt like a Queen on my big day.

I still have the crown a year later and I can't wait to rock it again on a different occasion.

- Rishongile Ndleve Mabunda 


Queen Crown 1

This crown has a combination of flowers and thorns in one colour of your choice 

 Queen Crown 2

This Crown has less flowers and extra thorns on it , also in one colour of your choice 

Queen Crown 3

If you are into multiple colours, with this crown you get to have more than one colour on your crown 

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