About us

Gifting | Packaging | Event Co-ordination| Travel & Spa Arrangments 

We are a 100% Black Female Owned creative business that was founded in November 2017 (Reg No. 2017/489296/07) with a clear mission: to bring gifting into the 21st century—creating stronger relationships through personal gifts, powered by the simplest user experiences.

Why us ?

Ramina is the connection between what you need and how you don't have time to do it yourself. It is the solution to your "I want this! But I don't have the time or creativity" problem. We have grown in both size and reputation since our inception and we have gradually become one of the top service providers well known for efficiency and service delivery in the creative design, planning and organization industry. 

Our website lets customers place their orders online and have a one on one consultation about the customized gifts, expertly curated option or build the perfect gift box for any occasion through our proprietary by picking items that are already set out as options on the site. Whether personal or corporate, we top each gift with a handwritten note and ship around the world. While modern technology powers our business, it’s also why our world needs companies like ours.


Our approach to business is centered on honoring and maintaining our most important relationships in a tangible way. We’re committed to making elevated gifting an accessible, affordable, and everyday option for our loyal customers and building a business our employees are proud and happy to come to everyday.


Core Values

Our company is devoted to gifting with a personal touch and has a commitment to customization of gifts. Our priority is understanding the specific needs of each client and applying them throughout our entire delivery process. Our final product is a collaboration of us our clients best efforts as we include them in each step of the process. This ensures that our work is exactly what they had in mind.